We are a Benchmark for Logistics, Efficacy and Proximity to Our Clients

Since 1962 and then, when we became a limited liability company in 1979, Transportes Ester, SA has been a company dedicated to collecting waste from construction using containers; Los Containers Marrones was the first company of its kind to operate in the city of Barcelona. Then, in 1991, Los Sacos Marrones was born to cover a need for the use of containers in places with restricted space and for small construction work that did not require a large container. For this purpose, we created the 1-m 3 raffia mini-container.
The proliferation of this waste-transport system led to the growth of our fleet of collection trucks, providing a fast and efficient service that has made us leaders in our area of influence.
For larger-volume waste, we have our higher-capacity containers.

With Sensitivity and Respect for the Environment

The handling and destination of the waste responds to the strictest environmental criteria and our processes are certified with the ISO 14001:02 certification, under certification number
MA- 0098/02.
The sensitivity of TRANSPORTES ESTER, SA in everything concerning conservation of the environment has always been extremely high. All waste is unloaded in centers authorized by the Catalan Government, with prioritization of proximity to minimize the environmental impact of fuel consumption in all means of transport used.

And With Complete Adaptability

We provide the best solutions for construction waste and we adapt to the available spaces: sacks and containers.

Our Sacks

This is the ideal solution for collecting waste from small and large construction projects in places with limited space.

Our Containers

Our containers are also ideal for construction waste and adapt to collection requirements for small spaces and for works with larger amounts of waste.